COVID-19 Relief Package Distribution

Ration Kit – To Daily Wagers (Affected due to Covid19 pandemic lock-down)

GJKS a non-profit organisation based in Ballia,India .Our team’s mission is simple – no one should have to sleep hungry.

With extended lock down in place due to COVID-19 daily wage earners like labourers, carpenters, plumbers, sanitary workers, maid, servants, construction workers, Rickshaw-pullers, hawkers etc. have been hit hard. They can’t work and also they don’t have any saving to buy essentials and food. We need to extend to our support to fight corona on economic front.

The thousands of labourers who reached their home couple of days ago in U.P. & Bihar from Maharashtra and Gujarat poses serious risk of spreading virus in villages. We already have been asking those came from outside to stay at home. 

Immediately required essentials 


The labourers usually go to city in the morning to earn money and by evening they come back. Whatever they earn in a day usually spend for buying essentials. We must deliver essentials in our capability to help them stay home to contain virus.


With delivery of essentials our volunteers will also tell them to maintain social distancing, proper hygiene as well as aware others about the virus. Soaps are essential commodities to maintain hygiene and check virus. Also, if anyone found to be have symptoms of CORONA local authorities will be informed.

Money Raised will be used to

• Provide grocery sufficient for 2-3 weeks, so that they stay at home and help India fight CORONA

• Grocery will contain 5 kg of rice, 10 kg of Wheat Flour, 2 kg of pulses, oil, sugar, soaps etc. 

• Masks will be provided to families whose any member has cold/cough.

Way of operation: 

We will procure essentials from whole sellers and deliver it to needy people village by village. We are well aware of possibility of virus spread and for that we already have trained our volunteers to spread awareness and take precautions along with maintaining social distance.

With your help and contribution we will make India CORONA free.

Food Distribution Started

We are glad to share that while we are waiting for the funds to get reflected with us, we have already started procuring food products (thanks to  donors )

Here are some updates regarding food donations.

We are still working on ensuring that people follow social distancing while coming to take the food packs and while we struggled with that in the beginning (people were eager to get rations), we are slowly getting there.

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