CSR Opportunities


In India 21% people live under poverty according to World Bank, which in number is equals to 26 million. The major reason of poverty is unavailability of sustainable livelihood. Most of the rural people depends on farming and if for any reason crop fails they went to vicious cycle of poverty. Also, many of them are landless labors depend heavily on crop harvesting seasons. Due to this they fail to fulfill their necessities of family and for that reason women and children becomes have to suffer at most. Children left their school education to earn livelihood. According to CSO 1.7 million children in India are out of school. We at Gramin Jan Kalyan Sansthan strive to address issues related to sustainable livelihood, poverty, hunger and deprivation of education by facilitating sustainable livelihood by helping SHG in setting Kutir Udyog or others. We also facilitate free basic education to needy students.. For this, we need your support. 

By helping Gramin Jan Kalyan Sansthan in anyway financially or technically, you are directly helping us in realizing Ek Bharat Shresta Bharat. Your CSR activity would ensure where ever Gramin Jan Kalyan Sansthan is working people of that region is growing, educating their children, people isn’t dying of Hunger. You could help us in developing sustainable models and augment our scalability. 

Many CSR opportunities are made available for the companies who choose to partner with us. Below are a few of them:

  • Strategic philanthropy through funds & in-kind contributions
  • Cause-marketing initiatives
  • Events & sponsorship
  • Innovations & project solutions for children

For more details, please contact us at care@gjks.in